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Fr Frederick Brossler Osa

Bishop John Steinboch

Fr George Olsen

Fr Jean Brunelle

Fr James Hannan

Father Patrick Rager

Fr Varghese Vallooran

Bishop Adolphe Proulx

Father John Green

Father Esteban Woods

Rev Sr Bridget Abianji

Fr Archibald Afelskie

Br Drew Peter Micm Tert  

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BelovedDate of DeathLocation
1906 Rev Sr Bridget Abianji   10 January 2010 Buea, Cameroon
1868 Fr Archibald Afelskie   27 July 2009 Killaloe, Canada
413 Fr. Pius Alipacho, A.J.   19 October 2003 Rwanda, Uganda
1698 Rev. Fr. Marcellus Bekong   19 March 2006 Bamenda, Cameroon
3 Father William Bernardo, OMI   18 September 1997 Ottawa, Canada
154 Father Emile-Marie Briere   16 June 2003 Combermere, Canada
2225 Fr Frederick Brossler Osa   10 June 1988 King City, Canada
2029 Fr Jean Brunelle   24 January 2010 Trois Rivieres, Canada
1695 Rev. Fr. Richard Chin   19 May 2002 Great Soppo-buea, Cameroon
1556 Fr. Brocard M Connors, O.carm   04 January 2008 Middletown, USA
475 Sister Rosemary Corde, Osf   2004 West Islip, USA
168 Father Ernest D'Onofrio, O.f.m.   23 September 2003 Wappingers Falls, USA
890 Fr. Paul Decker   December 1990 San Juan, USA
1634 Cardinal Avery Dulles   12 December 2008 New York City, USA
107 Sister Philomena Fogarty   March 2003 Virginia Beach, USA
566 Sr Philomena Fogarty   March 2002 Virginia Beach, USA
1470 Fr. Mark Garrow, Mic   19 October 2007 Stockbridge, USA
1947 Father John Green   19 May 2010 Pembroke, Canada
1815 Fr Thomas Groenwold   08 March 2008 Franklin Square, USA
888 Sr. Regina Marie Rgs Haggerty   24 April 2006 Harwich, USA