Prayer is the heart of Christian living - an intimate sharing between Lover and the beloved.
"Our prayers should be delicious and hot victuals that come from the fire of a heart overflowing with love."

Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Most information on Purgatory is from Catholic sources, since it is a doctrine of the Church. However, many books are found in 'Reference Only' university libraries, impeding the task of collecting, organizing, and making this information readily available.
Nevertheless, we have collated sufficient information in five categories:

QuickQuotes:   Excerpts, with links to full bibliographic details
EasyReading:   Glimpse into Purgatory through the writings of the Saints
Reflections Series:   Explores fundamental aspects of living our Faith
Research:   Articles, Books, Links, Patristics, Saints on Purgatory
Glossary:   Defines/explains key words or concepts. With cross-references.