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Guests and Visitors

Welcome! May the Peace of Christ be with you and your family.

If this is your first visit to purgatory.ca, the following is a brief tour of what you can expect.

The Main Menu offers access to most areas of the site, including those requiring a login. We invite you to click the first few items in the Menu, in particular, 'View Beloved' which is the heart of the site. Other visitors, who have registered, have added names of their Beloveds in the hope that you might pray for their repose. (See a sample Memoriam/Epitaph entry, or click 'View PrayerBook Layout' to see a sample layout of 'PrayerBook' entry.)

How do you add the names of your Beloveds so that others may pray for them?  In the third grouping of the Main Menu, you will notice Add Beloved - click on it.

(Note: A 'Security Alert' may appear on your screen indicating you have entered a secured area that encrypts (protects) all information passed between you and purgatory.ca. We use a 'Self-Signed' Certificate that states who we are. Access to secured areas of the site depends upon acceptance. You may safely accept the certificate.)

After you register, you may add as many Beloveds as you wish. The only requirement is that you agree to pray for souls you have 'sponsored' (your Beloveds) or 'adopted' (Beloveds of other visitors).

The spacer bars, between groups in the Main Menu, link to short Intercessions for the Holy Souls. While navigating the site, we invite you to offer these short prayers for the Holy Souls' relief and release. May God bless you!

Members — Patrons of Purgatory

Welcome Back!

Once you have registered (see: Join ), you will have full access to secured areas of the site (including 'Add Beloved'). The Login menu is found in the fourth grouping of the Main Menu. Once you have successfully logged in, the Login menu collapses to: 'Back to Login Confirmation' — 'Logout'. To retain current session information, please click 'Logout'.

After you have logged in, you may:
  • Sponsor and Adopt souls — 'Add Beloved'
  • Add condolences and intentions in any souls' 'PrayerBook' — 'Add to PrayerBook'
  • 'Add a Prayer Request'
  • 'Add Memoriam'
  • Download or request printed editions of Cenacle Scriptural Rosary Booklets


    Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls

    After joining, as a 'Patron of Purgatory' you may also participate in the Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls.

    This Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls provides relief and release for many Suffering Souls patiently awaiting our prayers and help.

    Members who participate will arrange to have Masses offered with the following intention:

    "for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory and deceased 'Patrons of Purgatory'."

    (Note: it is not necessary to arrange announced Masses if a Mass is dedicated for the parishioners' intentions, or unannounced Masses are available.)

    Simply, you agree to arrange at least one Mass each year for all the Holy Souls and for other 'Patrons of Purgatory' who have died. A special page will indicate the total number of Masses that have been offered to date.

    To participate:

    •  Login, then click on the Novena link on the Login Confirmation page.
    •  You may enter the number of Masses you will or have arranged.
    •  The total number of Masses you have arranged to date will also be displayed.
    •  This information is displayed on the Login Confirmation page below the Novena link.

    Our goal is to have at least two Masses offered for each day of the year.

    Please help the Holy Souls
    with the gift of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
    offered for them each day!

    'Add to PrayerBook" allows you add your condolences and prayers for any Beloved listed. Each addition to that Beloved's PrayerBook will be listed in ascending chronological order. If you would like the Sponsor of that Beloved to receive a 'Spiritual Bouquet' you may do so simply by clicking 'Send Spiritual Bouquet'.

    We will forward your condolences and kind words to that Sponsor, on your behalf. Click 'View PrayerBook' to see a 'PrayerBook' entry.

What we offer

purgatory.ca is dedicated to the greater glory of God through the relief and release of the Holy Souls from Purgatory. We invite you to add your Beloveds so that others might pray for their repose. Simply register, and immediately add your Beloveds.

After registering
Add/Adopt Beloveds, Add Memoriams and PrayerBook entries


All Information menus expand into detailed sub-groupings. To go back to a previous level, simply click on the larger Information: xxxxxxxx bar. This menu feature operates, as well, in 'Treasury' and 'FAQ'.

  • Intercessions for the Holy Souls: - Click spacer lines in the Main Menu for an intercession

  • QuickQuotes: Highlighted/underlined text - Click for complete text
  • EasyReading: Encounters with the Holy Souls in the lives of the saints
  • Research: Articles, Books, Glossary, Links, Patristics, and Saints on Purgatory

Adoption: Memoriams

Learn more about the souls whom you have adopted. Their life stories may add that 'personal' touch to your prayer life.

Treasury - Prayers, Offerings, Patron of Purgatory

  • PrayerBook:  Enter your condolences and prayer intentions for those souls whom you have adopted or sponsored. You may also request that we forward a Spiritual Bouquet to the Sponsor of the Beloved you have adopted. Your email address is not included in the message. (Note: you must be registered to access this area.)

  • Prayer Requests:   Enter your requests so that others may pray for your intentions in this moderated list. Please read Conditions of Use and Privacy Statement and Policy before entering your requests.

  • Prayers:  A compendium for your daily spiritual needs.
  • Offerings: Checklist for relieving the Holy Soul's sufferings.
  • Add Memoriams*

  • * With optional pictures.

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