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Avoiding Purgatory: Worksheet
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Many of us have suffered the tremendous loss of a loved one. Our dear parents, grandparents, our brothers and sisters, and friends who have died may be waiting patiently for our generous prayers. Their relief and release from the purifying fires of Purgatory may depend upon our prayers since they no longer can pray for themselves. We have created this site to promote further prayer for your loved ones.

We invite you to add your Beloveds so that others might pray for them. They will benefit from additional prayers, and will be eternally grateful to all who help them. We also invite you to add a Memoriam for those loved ones especially dear to you. May God bless you abundantly for your concern for the Holy Souls!

What we offer is dedicated to the greater glory of God through the relief and release of the Holy Souls from Purgatory. We invite you to add your Beloveds so that others might pray for their repose. Simply register, and immediately add your Beloveds.

After registering,
Add/Adopt Beloveds, Add Memoriams and PrayerBook entries

Shroud of Turin

How We Can Help Them

Simply, love them as He loves us 

Adding your Beloveds to will allow many other generous people to pray for their repose. Additionally, we can offer our prayers, our works, our joys, and even our sufferings for their relief. Best of all, we may offer His Most Precious Blood to cool the ardor of the flames of His purifying Love. Their purification penetrates the very heart of their soul. Having tasted His goodness on their day of personal judgment, they are consumed with ardent longing that only a lover can experience. All else is forgotten - God alone is sought. My kind Lord Jesus Christ, mercy!

The first and easiest thing to do:  Ask God for a desire to help these poor souls 

They can do nothing to relieve their sufferings. Only we can come to their aid. Like Lazarus, they wait for morsels of our compassion to ease their torment. Love heals - love binds - love consumes all that is not Him. Pray, then, when you feel least like praying -- offer your dryness for their relief. Pray our Lady's Holy Rosary for their relief and release, and pray it with fervor, as if it were to be the last of your life! Pray the Stations of the Cross for them, since they reap tremendous solace from Our Lord's Passion.

Second: Ask others to pray for our loved ones 

"If two of you consent upon earth", concerning any thing whatsoever they shall ask, it shall be done to them by my Father who is in heaven." We invite you to submit the names of your loved ones. In a gesture of compassionate love, we ask you to pray for at least one other person, for each name you submit. Adopt a soul -- read about their life, and commit yourself to praying for them. By your commitment, you become a Member, and share in the benefits of Membership.

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Third: Offer Masses and Communions for their relief and release 

Members who have added their Beloveds have agreed to pray for their sponsored souls. We invite them to offer Masses for these souls, and adopt at least one other soul listed on site.

Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls

After joining, as a 'Patron of Purgatory' you may also participate in the Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls.

This Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls provides relief and release for many Suffering Souls patiently awaiting our prayers and help.

Members who participate will arrange to have at least one Mass offered for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory and deceased 'Patrons of Purgatory'. A special page will indicate the total number of Masses that have been offered to date.

To participate: click on the Novena link on your Login Confirmation page. You may enter the number of Masses you have arranged. The total number of Masses you have arranged to date will also be displayed.

This information will be displayed, as well, on your Login Confirmation page below the Novena link.

Our goal is to have at least two Masses offered for each day of the year.

Please help the Holy Souls
with the gift of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
offered for them each day!

We encourage you to become a Patron of Purgatory for the greater glory of God! As a Member you share in the benefits and merits of each and every Mass said for the Holy Souls, as if you had arranged for them. You participate in a very tangible way in the Communion of Saints.

Fourth: Consecrate our lives to Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The best and surest route is through Our Lady. Since Jesus came to us through her purity, she will, as our Mother, help us to go to Him. Through her, we offer all good deeds done by us and for us, even after our death for the Holy Souls. All indulgences earned by the faithful may benefit the souls in Purgatory without the necessity of formal prayer. Every moment, then, becomes a means and opportunity to offer the Holy Souls our assistance. Furthermore, we bring these acts of charity with us into eternity. Forming part of our merits earned on earth, they will be our glorious crown in Heaven. Read more about making an Act of Consecration to Our Lord Jesus Christ through our Lady, and about making a Heroic Act of Charity.

Fifth: Offer Fasts, Penances, Mortifications and Alms 

The Lord instructed us to be cheerful and willing in our charity. Freely and without reservation, He gave Himself up for us to the very last drop of His Precious Blood. As His followers, we must imitate His virtue, as closely as possible, and empty ourselves for others so that they might have eternal life with Him.


Most people know very little about Purgatory. Many are afraid to ask since our culture scoffs at its very existence. However, if we read the last lines of the Holy Bible we see that the Lord, in His tremendous Mercy, has provided a 'time' of purification for those not holy enough to enter and be in His Glory. Information is provided on five levels:

  • Intercessions for the Holy Souls:

    Click spacer lines in the Main Menu for an intercession.

  • QuickQuotes: 

    Highlighted/underlined text - Click for complete text.

  • EasyReading: 

    Encounters with the Holy Souls in the lives of the saints.

  • Reflections Series:

     Explores fundamental aspects of living our Faith.

  • Research: 

    Articles, Books, Glossary, Links, Patristics, and Saints on Purgatory

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Adoption: Memoriams

Learn more about the souls whom you have adopted. Their life stories may add that 'personal' touch to your prayer life.

Treasury - Prayers, Offerings, Patron of Purgatory

  • Prayers: 

    A compendium for your daily spiritual needs

  • Offerings: 

    Checklist for relieving the Holy Soul's sufferings

  • Add Memoriams: 

    In 3 easy steps*

  • * With optional pictures


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